FFXV Comrades Tank Build Guide

This is a huge guide about making a tank build in FFXV Comrades. While, this won't give you builds, it will teach you everything you need to know to make your own build.

/ May 26, 2018

Monster Hunter World – Where to Get All Sac Items

Sac items are required for a lot of Weapon and Armor synthesis and upgrades, here's a complete list of which monster drops what sac.

/ May 22, 2018

2018-2019 Release Schedule with Months

With the new content coming out for Final Fantasy XV over the next year and a half, I thought I'd break down the release schedule put forth by Square Enix and figure out when we should be expecting these updates...

/ May 10, 2018

FFXV Comrades Cauthess Depot Trading Post Weapons

The Trading Post in Cauthess Depot is available once the outpost is unlocked. There's no requirement for outpost leaders to access this trading post. However, this trading post has two of the best weapons for end game.

/ April 15, 2018

FFXV Comrades New Standalone Version, Raid Bosses and Battle Challenges

Over the weekend, PAX East ran in Boston and while this was on, Square Enix ran a panel where they announced new features coming to Final Fantasy XV.

/ April 8, 2018

FFXV Comrades the last 6 Royal Sigils! Where to get them & what they do!

This video goes over the final 6 Royal Sigils in FFXV Comrades. And you guessed it; Where you can find them and what they do.

/ March 22, 2018

FFXV Comrades the first 7 Royal Sigils! Where to get them & what they do!

This is another reference guide for FFXV Comrades. These are the locations and abilities of the first 7 royal sigils - the ones you need prior to getting access to 1.20 content and chocobos!

/ March 17, 2018

FFXV Comrades Insomnia Boss Phases & Tactics

The Ver 1.20 update to Comrades added a new final destination with a new last boss. This guide will go over some starter tactics to get you through to the final scenes.

/ March 11, 2018

FFXV Comrades The Fierce’s Sigil: Rampage and Kamehameha! Where to get it and how to use it!

Everyone's talking about that crazy Kamehameha attack in the 1.20 trailer. Let's get you the Royal Sigil that allows you to do that badass move!

/ March 10, 2018

FFXV Comrades Weapon Bench updates in 1.20! Upgrades with Meteorites and Gemstones plus Dismantling!

With 1.20, Comrades' weapon remodeling bench got a big update. First, you'll need the Engine Schematics found when arriving at Cape Caem or the Hidden Harbor. Once you've done this, the weapon bench will expand to allow you to dismantle...

/ March 8, 2018