Here’s 30 tips for anyone starting out on Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen, for whatever system it’s on.

Grab every quest

Your quest log is near limitless with the amount of quests it can house. Only one escort quest can be held at any time. However, you should grab every quest you come across, so that you can finish them while you’re out and about. When you head back to a town or village, you’ll have a bunch of them to hand in!

Don’t feel bad missing quests

No quests are missable, as you can complete them in a second play through. The game is constantly looping back to the start, so there will always be chances to complete quests you forgot or that got cancelled due to story.

Achievement process is persistent

Don’t feel you have to complete requirements for an achievement or trophy during one play of the game. All of your progress will carry over into each game, it’s persistent. You can even look in the Adventure Log from the pause menu to see some of the metrics required to unlock some of the achievements.

Lanterns and Pickaxes are essential

Always equip your main pawn and hired pawns with lanterns and pickaxes, it’ll make the world easier to see at night and you might find they’ve mined some useful ores. Any of these items equipped on hired pawns will return to your storage once they depart. So, you only ever need four of each at any one time.

Blow up ore out of veins with Heavy Weapons and Magic

Normally, mining from an ore vein will take a few attempts. However, there is a much easier and faster way to mine! Use a hammer, blast or powerful magic to blow ore out of the cliff face. This will save time and you’ll look cool doing it.

Gather points are highlighted with a glow

If you have trouble finding gather points, just look for the white glow and in some cases butterflies flying around them. Once you know what to look for, it’ll be a lot easier to farm those items.

Stockpile every item you come across

A large majority of items in the game can be compined with other items to make super useful items. This will also make it easier to know exactly what items you need to combine to make healing items in the future, as it will record the combination. Items will also be required for enhancement upgrades on weapons and armor.

Earliest points to upgrade equipment

Caxton when you reach Gran Soren and Olra on Bitterblack Isle will be the earliest points that you can upgrade equipment. Bitterblack Isle is accessible as soon as you have your custom main pawn in your party.

Decent DLC equipments are available from the start

Don’t feel too bad using DLC items, as they will be replaced pretty soon with better equipment pieces. However, from the moment you gain control of your character, you’ll be able to head to the innkeeper in Cassardis to gain access to a variety of protective equipment. This will give you a little boost starting out. Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen only!

Save transport funds with the Eternal Ferrystone

Once you reach Gran Soren, you’ll notice an Eternal Ferrystone in your innkeeper storage. Grab this as soon as you can, as it’s an unlimited free ride back to town. This does not replace liftstones on Bitterblack Isle, unfortunately.

NPC costumes are also unlocked at this point and will be found in your innkeeper storage.

Only sell what you know you can replace

Equipment upgrades will require a large number of items. Don’t be a dunce and sell that one item you need for an upgrade, it will frustrate you in the long run. You may even need those items to upgrade lighter or heavier armor when you change vocation.

Upgrade and try another vocation

Once you’ve maxed out a vocation the first time through, it’s a good idea to move to another and max that out. As you level vocations, you’ll soon realize that vocations share augments and the more you have filled out, the more variety you will have in making that awesome character.

Do note, that if you want to min-max your character this can work against it. Min-maxing is absolutely not required to finish the game and to do well at the end of the game. However, if you are interested in this, I would recommend looking into that before making too much progress on your character and pawn.

As I previously mentioned, Augments can be used by any class, so don’t pass up an augment, as it may be useful with a different vocation than what you’re currently using.

Fast travel uses Portcrystals

These items can be found around the world. Once placed, you can teleport back to that crystal freely with a ferrystone. You can also place up to 10 of these.

I recommend placing them where escort quests end, as you can teleport with the escort and save a whole bunch of time.

Stay at an Inn to upload your Pawn to the server

As soon as you make your Pawn, stay at an Inn. This will allow other players to hire it and net you a bunch of rift crystals or RC. RC will be useful throughout the game. Also, the hiring player may even send you some cool equipment!

Jonathan in the Encampment will sell items for RC

By visiting Jonathan at the Encampment after defeating the Hydra there, you will be able to buy some inclination potions, rings and glasses. As well as options to remake your character and pawn.

If your Pawn talks too much, sit them down for a chat

A knowledge chair at Inns and in some camps can be used to tell your Pawn how they should communicate and act. So, if they’re running off without much direction, reel them back in with these chairs.

Pawns of friends or below your level will be a free hire

If a player on your friend list also plays Dragon’s Dogma, you will be able to hire their pawn free of charge. This also goes for any pawns below your level. Anything higher than your level will need RC to hire.

Add pawns to your favorites when you see them

If you see a wandering pawn in town or on the trail, you can speak to them and ‘Add to Favorites’. From here, you can hire the pawn in the rift later. You can set up to 100 favorites.

Be careful equipping hired pawns with gear

If you equip a hired pawn with gear, that gear becomes property of the player who owns that pawn. It will be sent to them when they use the inn next. However, items in the inventory will return to your storage after. You can use this to deck out your mates’ pawns with good gear if they’re starting out.

Forgeries can be made at the Black Cat

You can forge items at The Black Cat in Gran Soren for a price. The best part is that you can also forge quest items for later play throughs, save yourself that precious time.

Large monsters respawn after 8 days

If you kill a Dragon and want to farm it again, you’ll just need to rest for 8 days or let that time pass in game. Once this is done, you will be able to head back to the location and fight them again!

Quickly pass time by setting the game offline

You can quickly pass time in game by setting the game to offline connectivity in the options. This prevents the game from connecting to the server to check the pawn status. It’ll allow you to pass time at up to 2 to 3x speed.

Dragons all have different weakpoints

Look for the glowing read spot on a dragon, as this will be their weak point or their heart. Some dragons have hearts on their back, while others have them on their chest.

Dragonforge equipment on your main character

By killing a Dragon, you have a chance to Dragonforge any equipment on your main character. This can only be done to one level. Beyond this, you will need to rarify them further on Bitterblack Isle.

Bitterblack Isle is the true end game

From the moment you gain your pawn, you can head to Bitterblack Isle by visiting Olra on the Cassardis pier at night. It’s recommended that first timers attempt this from Lv.50. However, some good players can do this at a much lower level. This is also the earliest point you can change vocation to a hybrid.

Use the environment to fight enemies

Enemies can be lobbed off of cliffs or tricked into jumping off of cliffs. Always make note of your surroundings while fighting, as it can give you a massive advantage.

Reset the game by switching to Hard or Normal mode

You can restart the game back to the moment you wake up after the Dragon encounter at the start of the game by setting your game to Hard if you’re on Normal or Easy or Normal if you’re on hard. Your items and storage is persistent, so it will all be at the innkeeper when you return to them at the start of a new game.

With these tips, you should have more than enough information to do well in Dragon’s Dogma. These tips will work for all versions of Dragon’s Dogma and the update, Dark Arisen. I hope this helps!

Posted by Neil Golding aka Anamana!

Anamana! has been a gamer since he was a wee lad. He first started with the Atari VCS and Commodore 64, but soon moved onto Nintendo and Sony consoles. His favourite game series' are World of Warcraft, Destiny, Phantasy Star Online, Street Fighter, Final Fantasy, Ridge Racer and Dragon's Dogma. Plus a bunch of older retro games!