Folks! The first wave of the Street Fighter V and Monster Hunter: World collaboration is here. You can currently access a special challenge mission in the arena if you have a Street Fighter V or Arcade Edition save on your PS4.

By completing the “Down the Dark, Muddy Path” special Arena Challenge, you can obtain SFV Vouchers to put towards crafting the Ryu Full Armor Set. You will need 7 in total, a standard mission will reward 2 or 1 if you pass out.

Players who do not have access to Street Fighter V will need to get a friend to host the Arena Challenge for them, otherwise they can find the mission with matchmaking.

This quest is likely time sensitive, so get it before it goes away.

Get the following DLC items on PlayStation Network:

  • Gesture: Shoryuken!
  • Gesture: Hadoken!
  • Sticker Set: Street Fighter V Set

The Shoryuken and Hadoken gestures can also do minimal damage to monsters, great for waking up sleeping monsters in style.

Posted by Neil Golding aka Anamana!

Anamana! has been a gamer since he was a wee lad. He first started with the Atari VCS and Commodore 64, but soon moved onto Nintendo and Sony consoles. His favourite game series' are World of Warcraft, Destiny, Phantasy Star Online, Street Fighter, Final Fantasy, Ridge Racer and Dragon's Dogma. Plus a bunch of older retro games!