Ever wondered how you’re gaining those levels on your weapons? More so, how you can get even more special charge attacks? We’ll go over that in this guide!

Upgrading Weapons

By defeating bosses, you will obtain a range of weapon orbs. These are necessary for the upgrade process. Upon visiting Watts, the blacksmith, you’ll be able to upgrade any weapons you have orbs for.

Leveling your Weapon up

Once you’ve got a weapon, you will be able to start defeating enemies to raise your weapon experience to reach a charge attack level. The whole party will gain this experience from all defeated enemies. It isn’t necessary for a party member to defeat or attack an enemy to gain this experience/ Just make sure they have an unleveled weapon equipped and they will receive experience and go up weapon levels.

Charged Attacks

A base level weapon will be able to be charged by holding the attack button. However, it can only be charged up to a level 1 attack. When you upgrade your weapon to level 2, you can then charge 2 meters up to release an even more powerful attack, so on and so forth. However, if for example, a weapon is level 3, you won’t be able to charge up to level 4. You will need to upgrade your weapon to level 4 first.

Posted by Neil Golding aka Anamana!

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