Magic is one of the best strategies for blasting through bosses. With this guide, you’ll have the highest level magic available to you in no time and a complete understanding of how it levels up.

Elemental Mastery

Once you have an elemental under your control, you’ll be able to access their spells. Primm has mostly support and healing spells, while Popoi has offensive magic. With each mana seed synced to, you will gain an extra level to work towards. Each seed more or less has an elemental tied to it. So, the more elementals you have, the higher  level magic you will be able to level to at that point in time.

Magic Leveling Strategies

By focusing on spells that use the least MP and do the least or no damage to enemies, you will be able to raise your magic level for each elemental rather quickly. The biggest barrier will be MP management. Bring Faerie Walnuts or cast your spells close to an inn. Once you hit Matango, the price of walnuts decrease dramatically.

If you’re playing the 2018 remake of Secret of Mana, I recomend using the magic shortcuts as shown in the video below or by highlighting a spell and pressing L1 or R1 (or whatever controls bound) to assign them to that key.

Best Spells to Level with

Primm doesn’t require a whole lot of guidance, just focus on spells that use the lowest MP, so you have more opportunities to cast them.

However, Popoi does require a bit more planning, otherwise you will be burning through MP and clearing the field of potential targets.

  • Undine: Freeze – This is the best all rounder option. Nothing special to note.
  • Gnome: Speed Down – Low MP usage, plus status effect spell means no damage to the enemy.
  • Sylphid: Silence – Similar to Gnome, low MP usage and status effect only.
  • Salamando: Lava Wave – Low damage and engulf status.
  • Shade: Dark Force – Low damage option.
  • Luna: Magic Absorb – Easily the best spell for leveling of all elementals. Use MP and steal it back to cast again!
  • Dryad: Sleep Flower – Low MP and sleep status on enemy. Just make sure the other AI isn’t active with attacking and you should only need one enemy.

Once an elemental reaches level 8, you will gain access to super versions of the spells. But other than that, that’s everything you need to know! Happy powering up!

Posted by Neil Golding aka Anamana!

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