By the time you reach end game, there will be a few options for best armor. In this guide, we’ll go over the top level armor you can find to have the absolute best stats possible.

Here’s the details for the best equipment you can get for each member:


Griffin Helm
Equips to Randi Only
Sells for 45000
145 Defense
145 Magic Defense
24% Evasion Rate
Bonuses: Strength +5, Hit% +1
Dropped by Griffin Hand (Pure Land)

Note: This is missable if not obtained during the Pure Land scenario. The next option will be the Cockatrice Cap dropped by Basilisks.

Faerie Crown
Equips to Primm & Popoi
Sells for 58000
150 Defense
150 Magic Defense
23% Evasion Rate
Bonuses: Intelligence +5
Dropped by Terminator / Mace Menace (Mana Fortress)


Power Suit
Equip to Randi Only
Sells for 53000
243 Defense
93 Magic Defense
37% Evasion Rate
Bonuses: Strength +5
Dropped by Whimper (Mana Fortress)

Faerie Cloak
Equip to Primm & Popoi
Sells for 65000
250 Defense
100 Magic Defense
37% Evasion Rate
Bonuses: Constitution +5
Dropped by Master Ninja (Mana Fortress)

Arm / Rings

Faerie’s Ring
Equips to ALL
Sells for 55000
100 Defense
250 Magic Defense
17% Evasion Rate
Bonuses: Agility +5, Resistance to poisoning, pygmying, frostying, dizziness, ballooning
Dropped by Wolf Lord (Mana Fortress)

These equipments are by no means required, the gear sold by Neko at the Tree Palace will be the best you can buy and the game is totally manageable with this gear.

Posted by Neil Golding aka Anamana!

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