While not required, getting a bit more power out of your weapons at the end of the game can certainly make things a bit more fun. In this guide, we’re going to go over locations of each weapon orb.

All of these weapon orbs will drop in the Mana Fortress or the final dungeon. There is no other location required to gain these orbs. All orbs leading up to these drops can be obtained throughout the story in chests and from bosses.

So, let’s dive in to which enemies drop these orbs!

Glove’s Orbs
Orbs 7 & 8 drop from Wolf Lords

Axe’s Orbs
Orbs 7 & 8 drop from Fiend Heads

Javelin’s Orb
Orb 8 drops from Whimpers

Bow’s Orb
Orb 8 drops from Metal Crabs

Spear’s Orb
Orb 8 drops from Tsunami

Whip’s Orb
Orb 8 drops from Terminator or Mace Menace

Boomerang’s Orb
Orb 8 drops from Master Ninja

Sword’s Orb
The final sword orb is orb 7, which will upgrade it to the 8th sword. However, there is no 8th orb for the sword.

Without getting into spoilers the video above shows you a full explanation of how the 9th level of the sword works.

Have you maxed out your weapons yet? Did it take you long to do this?

Posted by Neil Golding aka Anamana!

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