Food is a hard commodity to come by early in the game. So, let’s go over the locations of all four vegetables found across both maps.


To get your spuds, you’ll need to make it past rescuing the Nurse. At the Wormhole Transporter yard, there will be a refrigerator submerged in the ground. Just harvest them from here. See the map below for the location.


The location of Potato in Metal Gear Survive.


The second grey value vegetable is Corn and it can be found at the Fallen Village. See the map for the exact location. To the south-east of the main village is a corn field with a single node to harvest. Grab them and you’re good.


The location of Corn in Metal Gear Survive.


You’re going to have to delve into the ruins for the onions, but don’t cry, because they’re green value. Make your way to the crawler (spider) room and up the ladder. Once up top, head down the two staircases and harvest the onions from the sacks next to the racking.


The location of Onion in Metal Gear Survive.


Tomato can be found at the final location of the game, past the two wormhole transporters, you’ll be able to reach the large building. Behind it will be a tomato field. Beware, there are a lot of grabbers and wanderers along the way.


The location of Tomato in Metal Gear Survive.

Don’t forget your crops

Always save at least one vegetable once you get it, as you’ll be able to make crops in the base camp, which will allow you to harvest them as long as they haven’t been destroyed. This will provide an almost infinite source of food for your character.

Hope this helps! Keep that soldier nourished!

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