With 1.20, Comrades’ weapon remodeling bench got a big update. First, you’ll need the Engine Schematics found when arriving at Cape Caem or the Hidden Harbor. Once you’ve done this, the weapon bench will expand to allow you to dismantle weapons and boost them beyond their limits with meteorite.

Once you get to Cape Caem / Hidden Harbor, you’ll get the ability to dismantle weapons, which plays a big role in weapon upgrading past their limit.

Meteorites have been added, which add +10 levels to a weapon’s cap up to a max of Lv 120. This is also affected by the Cid buff, so they can go up by +13 for less Meteorite wastage. You’ll gain 1 meteorite for dismantling weapons from 50 to 69, 2 from 70 to 99 and 3 up to 120.

On top of this, any stats on the weapon will contribute to giving you shards and gemstones. Up to 60 points of a stat will provide you with Stat Shards and at 60, you’ll gain a Gemstone. So 180 in STR will give you 3 Strength Gemstones.

Gemstones give +30 of a stat and 3,400 EXP and Shards give +7 of a stat and 800 EXP. Also, elemental resistance gems will give you +30 in a resistance for around 1,270 EXP. Platinum Ingots will give you 30 HP also.

So, you now have a much cleaner way of making pure stat weapons, outside of any required stats to evolve to a next version of a weapon.

Hope this helps!

Posted by Neil Golding aka Anamana!

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