Everyone’s talking about that crazy Kamehameha attack in the 1.20 trailer. Let’s get you the Royal Sigil that allows you to do that badass move!

So, first things first. You’re going to have to build up a Chocobo to get you to the Rock of Ravatogh Royal Tomb on the power grid map. Once you’ve unlocked that node, you’ll get The Fierce’s Sigil: Rampage. This is the sigil you will need to be able to do that glorious beam attack.

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You will need a Chocobo with 120 Stamina, 120 Jump and 30mph Top Speed to reach the tomb.

What this sigil does is replaces your Charge (Power) attacks and Warpstrikes with melee attacks and the Offensive Spell / Skill slot with the Martial Arts skill Rockbreaker.

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The Fierce’s Sigil: Rampage gives extra Vitality and Health, while nerfing your Magic and Spirit.

Once equipped and out on a quest mission, you will need to build up your circle meter, similar to the Armiger meter in the main game of Final Fantasy XV. This will fill fastest using the Rockbreaker attack with L2 + Circle PlayStation pads or LT + B on Xbox pads.

When you finally fill that circle meter up, you will receive the prompts above the circle saying L1 + R1 / LT + RT ‘All Creation’, this is what you need to press to execute the Kamehameha style beam attack on the target.

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And that’s everything you need to know! Easy, huh?

Posted by Neil Golding aka Anamana!

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