The Ver 1.20 update to Comrades added a new final destination with a new last boss. This guide will go over some starter tactics to get you through to the final scenes.

Ifrit was a cake walk in the main game, but in Comrades, it’s a whole different story. Don’t take my build as gospel, I’ve heard of people doing extremely well with The Fierce’s Sigil: Rampage too. It will really come down to what you find easiest. However, this is how I did it.

What I went in with

  • Level: 58
  • Sigil: The Rogue’s Sigil: Aerial Ace
  • Stats: 1619 STR, 891 DEF, 179 MAG, 109 SPI
  • Resistances: Fire Resist 100%

Survival options

Try to keep Libertus alive, as he tends to warpheal when you’re in danger regularly. This battle is about mobility and attacking the boss from behind. Do some damage, then warp out to a lamp post to recharge and repeat is the basic strategy.

Guide Legend


The legend of terminology used in this guide in relation to the battle field.

Phase 1: Physical Attacks

In the first phase he will focus on blade attacks. One forward overhead slam and one frontal arc swipe. Wail on him to get him down to vulnerable status and do your heavy hitters.

Transition to Phase 2 occurs 60% health left. It is signaled by a 360° Inferno AOE attack. Try to keep your distance  as you draw near to this health amount, as it will cause heavy damage.

Phase 2: Fire Attacks

This is the phase where you should start using the lamp post warp points to your advantage, they can save you from heavy hitting fire attacks. This phase is the hardest of the lot and is heavily reliant on you being mobile. In this phase and the next one, Ifrit will begin to teleport between attacks in a haze of fire. As each phase moves to the next, he will retain all moves from the previous ones.

In phase 2, he starts adding fire to his blade attacks. Each sword attack will launch fire waves moving from his attack direction.

He will also have flame armour making you do less damage by around 50%.
When he levitates, he is casting homing firebolts. Just run or warpstrike away from them. These bolts tend to follow one target.

He also has a heavy overhead slam, which will do fire waves moving outwards 360° around him.

If in this phase or phase 3 you manage to make him vulnerable it will extinguish his flames. This is your chance to get your heavy damage in and get out of there. When he rises, he will cast his inferno AOE, so be on your toes.

When phase 3 starts, he will teleport to the gates and drive down to the throne.
Once he reaches here, he will cast a fire nova, causing the ground on the left and right wing roads and the lower levels to be coated in lava. Standing on this depletes health, stay off. You may need to guide an AI out of here.

Phase 3: Heavy Fire Attacks

This is a much easier phase than phase 2, but still be on your guard, as losing this progress is devastating this far in.

The transition to this phase sees Ifrit teleporting to the driveway gate, where he ducks down and drives a dash attack to the throne. It’s an easy to avoid attack, so just walk away from the throne and you should be good.

He also does a charged overhead slam, which will generate an explosion trail that moves towards a target. Again, super easy to avoid.

In the duration of Phase 2 & 3, my strategy was to use Aerial Ace to get above the flame waves and to do damage. When I was to the sides or front of him in the air, I would hold attack and a direction to circle back behind him. His rear is his biggest weak point. When he teleports, I would warpstrike to a lamp post to avoid any heavy hitting attacks.

It will take a while, but you’ll get him down and see the ending scenes. I believe in you!

Posted by Neil Golding aka Anamana!

Anamana! has been a gamer since he was a wee lad. He first started with the Atari VCS and Commodore 64, but soon moved onto Nintendo and Sony consoles. His favourite game series' are World of Warcraft, Destiny, Phantasy Star Online, Street Fighter, Final Fantasy, Ridge Racer and Dragon's Dogma. Plus a bunch of older retro games!