This is another reference guide for FFXV Comrades. These are the locations and abilities of the first 7 royal sigils – the ones you need prior to getting access to 1.20 content and chocobos!

Without any further ado, let’s get into where you can obtain them and what each one does.

The Oracle’s Sigil: Healing Light

Where to find 'The Oracle's Sigil: Healing Light'.

Where to find ‘The Oracle’s Sigil: Healing Light’.

The Oracle’s Sigil can be found during the first few missions as you work your way out of Lestallum. You will obtain this through normal means of unlocking full access to the power grid map.

The Oracle's Sigil: Healing Light

The Oracle’s Sigil: Healing Light

As you can see in the above image, the Oracle’s Sigil doubles your Magic Points (MP) and reduces physical stats by 20%. It also replaces your Curative Spell command with Healing Light, which offers an Area of Effect (AOE) heal.

The Warrior’s Sigil: Untouchable

Where to find 'The Warrior's Sigil: Untouchable'.

Where to find ‘The Warrior’s Sigil: Untouchable’.

The Warrior’s Sigil: Untouchable can be found a little south east of Lestallum in the Garrison area. This is quite a costly one, costing upwards of 30,000 Kilowatts.

The Warrior's Sigil: Untouchable

The Warrior’s Sigil: Untouchable

This sigil will add another 30% Hit Points to your HP pool, while reducing defense by 30%. However, it strangely adds 20% to your magic. It also has two extra abilities: A taunt and a timed vacuum attack. Hold your party button near an enemy to taunt them and if you time the parry just as an enemy attacks, you will suck them into a vacuum, along with any other enemies nearby.

The Rogue’s Sigil: Aerial Ace

Where to get 'The Rogue's Sigil: Aerial Ace'.

Where to get ‘The Rogue’s Sigil: Aerial Ace’.

The Aerial Ace Sigil can be found to the North West of Lestallum, up in the Vesperpool area. This is the same area where you’ll find the Malboro-based quest unlocks.

The Rogue's Sigil: Aerial Ace

The Rogue’s Sigil: Aerial Ace

The Rogue’s Sigil will not reduce any stats, thankfully. It does however, add 30% to your Strength and Spirit stats. It also gives you 30% more MP. The abilities of this sigil give your aerial attacks staying power – you will no longer fall straight to the ground when attacking, although you will slowly glide to the ground when attacking. You can also maneuver your character by holding the Left Stick in a direction while pressing attack. This is useful for getting around large enemies or above them.

The Pious’ Sigil: Multicast

Where to get 'The Pious' Sigil: Multicast'.

Where to get ‘The Pious’ Sigil: Multicast’.

You can find the Multicast Sigil just South West of Lestallum. This is the same area that the Jabberwock mission is in.

The Pious' Sigil: Multicast

The Pious’ Sigil: Multicast

My favourite magic sigil, Multicast! This sigil allows your character to use two hands when casting a spell. Technically two spells for the price of one. It reduces your HP and Strength by 30%, while giving your magic a massive 70% increase. Your Offensive Spell command is replaced with ‘Multicast’, which will double your firepower of the spell bound to the weapon you’re currently wielding.

The Wanderer’s Sigil: Cheer

Where to get 'The Wanderer's Sigil: Cheer'.

Where to get ‘The Wanderer’s Sigil: Cheer’.

The Wanderer’s Sigil can be found in the Tomb of the Wanderer to the West of Lestallum. Quests around here involve the Midgardsormr!

The Wanderer's Sigil: Cheer

The Wanderer’s Sigil: Cheer

This sigil will allow you to buff your party! Aside from that, it boosts HP by 40% and MP by 20%. It also gives you a 20% increase in defense. This ability will replace your Curative Spell with Cheer, which is a multi-stage buff. As your character pushes his fist into the air, they will buff surrounding party members with a variety of buffs. Each fist pump gives a different buff.

The Just’s Sigil: Omniguard

Where to find 'The Just's Sigil: Omniguard'.

Where to find ‘The Just’s Sigil: Omniguard’.

Another Royal Sigil can be found further south of the Warrior’s Sigil and Lestallum in the form of The Just’s Sigil.

The Just's Sigil: Omniguard

The Just’s Sigil: Omniguard

The Omniguard Sigil gives 30% more HP, 50% more MP and a boost of 30% Defense. This ability will add a defensive barrier around your character, which will defend players within. It also makes it a lot easier to parry enemies – a must for defensive players.

The Tall’s Sigil: Aura

Where to get 'The Tall's Sigil: Aura'.

Where to get ‘The Tall’s Sigil: Aura’.

Finally, the Tall’s Sigil can be found on your way down to Galdin Quay on the power grid map. This should be one of the last ones you unlock before getting to Galdin Quay.

The Tall's Sigil: Aura

The Tall’s Sigil: Aura

This sigil is the counter to the Multicast one, giving you an extra 20% HP, blasting your Strength up 70% and reducing Magic by 50%. However, it will give you a new Curative Spell called Aura, which lets your character power up and apply a big self-buff to your physical abilities. This is a must have for melee players.

With these Sigils, you will be able to progress into the 1.20 content of Chocobos and Insomnia. Hope this broadens your build options and makes the game a bunch of fun!

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