This video goes over the final 6 Royal Sigils in FFXV Comrades. And you guessed it; Where you can find them and what they do. Especially that Clever’s Sigil: Spectral Arms, finally we get Meteor!

With the battle of Galdin Quay completed and the way to Insomnia unlocked, we now have another 6 Royal Sigils to uncover. Let’s step to it!

Raise a Chocobo!

Raise a good Chocobo at the Stables in Hidden Harbor first.

Raise a good Chocobo at the Stables in Hidden Harbor first.

Before we get started on clearing these Sigils, it should be made known, that you are going to need a decent Chocobo to do this. Do check out the 1.20 Chocobo guide on this site, to understand the way to do this.

The recommended stats for clearing Chocobo Tracks to get to the Royal Sigils are: 120 Stamina, 130 Jump and Top Speed at 50 mph. However, you may need a better Chocobo to unlock other Chocobo Tracks on the map.

The Clever’s Sigil: Spectral Arms

Required Chocobo Stats: 80 Stamina, 80 Jump and 20 mph Top Speed.

Where to find The Clever's Sigil: Spectral Arms.

Where to find The Clever’s Sigil: Spectral Arms.

The Clever’s Sigil: Spectral Arms can be discovered just North of Galdin Quay. As with most of these, you will need a well raised Chocobo to unlock these Sigils.

The Clever's Sigil: Spectral Arms

The Clever’s Sigil: Spectral Arms

Spectral Arms gives a flat boost of 20% to Strength, Defense, Magic and Spirit. It’s special ability is summoning an Armiger, that will randomly choose a magic or physical attack.

These include:

  • Fira
  • Blizzara
  • Thundara
  • An AOE Heal
  • Meteor
  • Gladiolus’ Tempest
  • A Javelin throw
  • A Katana slice

There is no known way to game this to select a specific ability, such as Meteor.

The Wise’s Sigil: Dragoon Drain

Required Chocobo Stats: No Chocobo required

Where to find The Wise's Sigil: Dragoon Drain.

Where to find The Wise’s Sigil: Dragoon Drain.

To get to the Dragoon Drain Sigil, you’ll need to head out North East from the Norduscaen Garrison. This Sigil requires you complete ‘Urgent Mission: The Menacing Mechs’ to access the node that leads to this tomb.

The Wise's Sigil: Dragoon Drain

The Wise’s Sigil: Dragoon Drain

Dragoon Drain reduces MP by 50%, while giving a 30% increase to Strength and Defense. This Sigil has 2 main abilities: Jump and Lancet. Jump will do the typical Final Fantasy Dragoon leap into the air, followed by a swift descent upon enemies. The catch is, that this will not lock onto enemies and it’s range is a few feet in front of you.

Lancet is an ability that will drain HP and MP from an enemy, topping them up. However, this Sigil replaces both your Curative and Offensive spells. So, MP absorb will more be used to recharge MP after Warp Strikes and Charge / Power Attacks.

The Conqueror’s Sigil: Elemancy

Required Chocobo Stats: 90 Stamina, 130 Jump and 50 mph Top Speed.

Where to find The Conqueror's Sigil: Elemancy.

Where to find The Conqueror’s Sigil: Elemancy.

This Sigil does require a Chocobo to reach, again just outside of the Norduscaen Garrison. You can see on the map above, that it’s just a little further North East of the Dragoon Drain Sigil.

The Conqueror's Sigil: Elemancy

The Conqueror’s Sigil: Elemancy

Being a Conqueror means 30% bonuses to Strength and Magic, but a 30% decrease to your Defense. The Conqueror’s Sigil is a strange one, as it will set an elemental state to the environment. However, it is purely dependent on the element or spell you have set to the weapon in hand.

So, if you have a weapon with a fire spell on it, it will make the environment fire-elemental, applying that element to your attacks. You can cycle through these with different elemental weapons.

The Fierce’s Sigil: Rampage

Required Chocobo Stats: 120 Stamina, 120 Jump and 30 mph Top Speed.

Where to find The Fierce's Sigil: Rampage.

Where to find The Fierce’s Sigil: Rampage.

The Fierce’s Sigil: Rampage is found in the far South West of the map, just West of Old Lestallum. This is the famed Kamehameha Sigil that everyone loves.

The Fierce's Sigil: Rampage

The Fierce’s Sigil: Rampage

This Sigil will give you a 50% boost to HP and Defense, but will reduce Magic and Spirit by 70%. This is a Melee Sigil, that will replace your Warp-strikes, Charge / Power Attacks and Offensive Spell with Martial Art attacks.

Offensive Spell becomes Martial Arts, but is actually the move ‘Rockbreaker’, which is a lunging ground pound attack. Use this ability to generate Armiger ring meter. Once it’s at full, you will be able to launch a powerful beam attack called ‘All Creation’ by pressing the shoulder buttons of your controller together. I’m uncertain what stat this beam bases it’s damage on. There’s a theory, it may be it’s own type of damage.

Launching the All Creation beam attack. Kamehameha?

Launching the All Creation beam attack. Kamehameha?

The Mystic’s Sigil: Graviton

Required Chocobo Stats: 80 Stamina, 80 Jump and 50 mph Top Speed.

Where to find The Mystic's Sigil: Graviton.

Where to find The Mystic’s Sigil: Graviton.

Just South West of the Norduscaen Garrison, you’ll come across Titan’s Crater in the center of the map. This is exactly where you’ll find the Mystic’s Sigil.

The Mystic's Sigil: Graviton

The Mystic’s Sigil: Graviton

The Mystic’s Sigil is another Armiger ring meter Sigil, similar to the Fierce’s Sigil. This one will raise Defense and Magic by 30%, but reduce your MP by 20%, which is odd as it’s a Magic based Sigil.

Black Hole is the ability you get from this Sigil, it will replace your Offensive Spell in name, but will only truly replace it when the Armiger ring meter around your weapon is filled and glowing. Leading up to this point, you can still cast any equipped Offensive Spells.

Once you have full meter, you will be able to cast a Demi-style Black Hole, which will pull enemies into it and group them together, while doing big damage to all caught within it. This is a great spell for solo play or helping out a melee player.

The Father’s Sigil: Revitalize

Required Chocobo Stats: No Chocobo required

Where to find The Father's Sigil: Revitalize.

Where to find The Father’s Sigil: Revitalize.

The final Sigil is tied to the final boss of 1.20 found in Insomnia. There is no Chocobo track directly linked to unlocking this place on the map. Once you’ve overcome the boss, you will be rewarded the Father’s Sigil after a number of cutscenes.

The Father's Sigil: Revitalize

The Father’s Sigil: Revitalize

The Father’s Sigil will give you a 30% bonus to your Magic and Spirit, while also boosting MP by 20%. The Ability that this Sigil has is Revitalize, which will replace your Offensive Spell.

This ability is cast and maintained by holding the command buttons. Unfortunately, this is a heal that sacrifices your Max HP and will reduce it until there is only a fraction of your health left. You will not be able to heal it back to full with your Curative Spell.

Currently, these are the last of the Sigils available and there’s no word that there will be more with future updates. I would guess that there would be a new system added to Character progression instead of more Sigils being added, as there are only 13 Kings of Lucis.

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