Over the weekend, PAX East ran in Boston and while this was on, Square Enix ran a panel where they announced new features coming to Final Fantasy XV.

Replace Noctis in the main game

Square Enix will be adding the ability to make a personal character in FFXV.
This will be in the same way you make your comrades character, but it will be different as it will replace Noctis with this character. Or so they’ve said so far.

What I’m wondering is: will we get all of the weapons and magic in FFXV main game as personally, I feel the magic system is so much better in the Comrades expansions.

Comrades Updates

We now have two new updates coming to FFXV Comrades. These mostly focus on extra bosses of different levels of difficulty and formats. Bosses hinted at include SquareEnix CEO Yosuke Matsuda and Episode Gladiolus boss Gilgamesh. Along side these bosses, the following have also been announced:

FFXV Comrades Boss Additions

FFXV Comrades Boss Additions

Raid bosses 

  • Fight one boss at a time
  • Fight bosses like Adamantoise
FFXV Comrades Raid Boss Additions

FFXV Comrades Raid Boss Additions

Battle Challenges

  • Super strong bosses can appear at the same time
  • Can have multiple bosses at once
  • Need to have a good build
FFXV Comrades Standalone Version announced

FFXV Comrades Standalone Version announced

Standalone Version

  • Releasing this summer
  • Easier way to play
  • Hoping to make it more accessible
FFXV 2018-19 Release Schedule

FFXV 2018-19 Release Schedule

The original news can be found on the PAX East stream archive on Twitch:

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