This is a huge guide about making a tank build in FFXV Comrades. While, this won’t give you builds, it will teach you everything you need to know to make your own build.

Core concepts of Tanking

  • Your role is to make sure no one dies, not doing big damage
  • Threat generation is your biggest task, this means enemies attack you and not your party
  • Consider having decent elemental resistances, this means less damage and more survivability
  • Always have a food item on you, it’s a free life and you need to be alive at all times
  • Keep an eye out for parry prompts, this will open up bigger enemies to warpcombos

Best Items for Stats

  • Zu Beak – +26 VIT @ 88xp per point
  • Laser Sensor – +8 STR / VIT @ 125xp per point
  • Insect Stinger – +4 STR / SPI @ 165xp per point
  • Dragon Horn – +15 STR / MAG / SPI @ 167xp per point
  • Hardened Hide – +9 VIT / SPI @ 163xp per point
  • Giant Hoof – +20 HP @ 58xp per point & +10 VIT @ 116xp per point
  • Diamond Ingot – +100 HP @ 20xp per point
  • Monster Jaw – +5 STR / VIT @ 178xp per point & +2 SPI @ 445xp per point

Recommended Abilities

  • Beautiful Plumage – Threat Strike – First hit of a combo has a chance of increasing Threat (This should be a priority ability)
  • Rotten Splinterbone – Sentinal X – 30% chance of negating damage from enemy
  • Octolegs – Sidestep – Additional ability to move around enemy
  • Scorpion Barb – Parry Boost X – Increase damage after parrying
  • Crab Carapace – Eversturdy – Prevent defense reduction
  • Dragon Horn – Helmsplitter X – Reduce enemy defensive power
  • Crimson Tongue – Bonecrusher II – Reduce enemy attack power
  • Dragon Claw – Charge Strike: Clearout – Multi-target charge attack

Recommended Weapons

  • Dancing Daggers – Has Jitterbug + STR / VIT Buff for party
  • Gneisenau – Has Bonecrusher X – Reduce enemy attack power
  • Golden Axe – +300 HP & Punisher X – Increase damage output by 50% against vulnerable enemies.
  • Imperial X-Blades – +300HP & Lifedrain II – Drains enemy life when attacking
  • Dragon Whisker – +300HP & Penetrator X – Ignores enemy VIT by 50%
  • Black Prince +500HP!! – Charge Strike: Savage Swipe – Multi-hit charge attack on single target
  • Immortal Aegis – +400HP & Deathproof – Immune to instant death
  • Cornflower – +300HP – Lifedrain X / Soulsiphon X – Drains HP & MP respectively

Recommended Royal Sigils

The Warrior Sigil: Untouchable
+30% HP & 20% MAG but -30% VIT
Best for generating threat – biggest letdown is it’s stat changes

The Wise’s Sigil: Dragoon Drain
+30% STR / VIT but -50% MP
Good HP / MP drain and ability to do big damage while avoiding the enemy

The Mystic’s Sigil: Graviton
+30% VIT / MAG but -20% MP
You get an Armiger meter, which will allow you to cast Black Hole at MAX!
The great thing is that this will draw all the enemies together, allowing your party to do big damage to multiple enemies

The Just’s Sigil: Omniguard
+50% MP & + 30% HP / VIT
Your barrier is much larger, protecting other party members, while also healing them

Posted by Neil Golding aka Anamana!

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