There’s a lot of methods to doing this, but this is what I found was the quickest and easiest. This weapon is an Axe with +265 physical attack power and +100 critical damage. Currently the best obtainable weapon in the game.


Starting out with H’aanit

For this to work easiest, start with H’aanit and complete her first boss. Along the way, be sure to capture a few Sword-focused monsters, like the Marmot or Fox. Also, leveling up to Lv 5 and getting your first skill will make things even easier.

Be sure to capture some Sword monsters!

Be sure to capture some Sword monsters!

Getting Therion

After completing H’aanit’s boss, work your way down to Bolderfall (South West of Swarkii) and to get Therion. Use the signs along the way to guide you to the town, as it’s easy to get lost.


Check the signs if you get lost!

In town, you’ll see a character with a Green speech bubble, this is none other than Therion and the second part to getting this weapon. Since the weapon needs to be stolen, we need the help of a Thief.


Seek out Therion in Bolderfall.

Steal whatever you want in town, as you’ll have a 100% success rate here. There’s some really good starting equipment to stock up on! But be sure to steal a bunch of soulstones from enemies within the Mansion you’re sent to, as this will make his boss easier and also upcoming battles.


Stock up on Soulstones, as they make battles easier early on.

Clearbrook bound!

After finishing up Therion’s drama, we need to head further south to Clearbrook where Alfyn’s scenario starts. Again, be sure to check those signs, as this area has a canyon and can get very confusing.


After heading down the mountain, you’ll cross a bridge and be at Clearbrook!

Once in town, head to save your game, but do not commence his introduction! As this will change the NPC states that we need. We’re going to be save scumming to get this weapon, as it only has a 3% steal chance and failing means negative reputation in town and a 2000 Leaf fee to return it to normal.

Save your game, as this will allow you to reload if you fail.

Save your game, as this will allow you to reload if you fail.

After saving and head to the lady with the speech bubble above her head standing in front of a door. Provoke and defeat her. She’s weak vs Swords, and with H’aanit, I managed to beat her at Lv. 8. The tactic is to use sword attacks to break her and follow up with a fully charged sword monster attack when she’ broken. You should be able to do this in two rounds at Lv. 8. After beating her, you can save again to keep her knocked out.

Provoke and knock out the Granddaughter in front of this house. Our prize is inside.

Provoke and knock out the Granddaughter in front of this house. Our prize is inside.

Head inside the house and use the steal command on the old man. If you had recruited Alfyn, this old man would be asleep and unable to be stolen from. If you did recruit Alfyn, restart if you saved, otherwise complete his first boss and return once it wraps up.

Old Man

This Old Man holds the Golden Axe and we’re going to claim it as ours!

You have a 3% chance to steal the Golden Axe and 4 attempts before bad reputation sets in with the townsfolk. If you fail, reload your save and repeat until you get it. There’s another Axe which is half as good, but also shares the 3% chance to steal.

Golden Axe

As you can see, the Golden Axe has phenomenal stats for this point of the game!

So, here we go, we now have that Golden Axe! Be sure to equip it and take it for a test drive, it’s very powerful, as you can see by the image below.


Have you found any other worthwhile weapons, items or skills? I’d love to hear about them! Octopath Traveler will be out on July 13th, 2018. It’s currently available for purchase on the Nintendo eShop for Switch.

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