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2018-2019 Release Schedule with Months

With the new content coming out for Final Fantasy XV over the next year and a half, I thought I’d break down the release schedule put forth by Square Enix and figure out when we should be expecting these updates and new DLC.

FFXV Comrades New Standalone Version, Raid Bosses and Battle Challenges

Over the weekend, PAX East ran in Boston and while this was on, Square Enix ran a panel where they announced new features coming to Final Fantasy XV.

New website, new Anamana!

I’d planned to get a website up for a number of weeks now, and finally took the plunge. From here on out, you’ll be able to find all of my YouTube guides, plus a text version of them. Some may take some time to go back and rewrite up or summarise. But it’ll be a good one stop shop for the guides.