FFXV Comrades Ver. 1.20 Update Live! How to access the content, Chocobos and other bits and pieces

Struggling to figure out how to get a Chocobo and Cape Caem? This guide will go over everything you MUST have in order to access these features and the rest of the 1.20 update.

/ March 5, 2018
Best ways to gain EXP in FFXV

Final Fantasy XV Best Ways to Gain Experience Early On and End Game

This guide will give you the most optimal ways to gain experience and level up in Final Fantasy XV and the Royal Edition update. In this guide, we'll cover both leveling early game and later in the game. EXP tips...

/ March 4, 2018

Metal Gear Survive The Complete Way to Unlock All Four Subclasses

Once the credits roll, you'll notice you don't have access to all of the extra classes. There's a few steps you need to follow to complete this unlock. In this guide, we'll go over each of them in detail.

/ March 2, 2018

Metal Gear Survive All Vegetable Locations to Fill Base Camp with a Never-ending Supply of Food

Food is a hard commodity to come by early in the game. So, let's go over the locations of all four vegetables found across both maps.

/ March 1, 2018

Metal Gear Survive How to Find Survivors or the Best Way to Fill the Ranks of your Base Camp Fast!

Base Camp can be a bit empty early on. In this guide, we'll go over a sure fire way to make it a bustling camp with plenty of progress.

/ February 28, 2018

Secret of Mana Final Weapon Orb Locations – Where is the Final Sword Orb?

While not required, getting a bit more power out of your weapons at the end of the game can certainly make things a bit more fun. In this guide, we're going to go over locations of each weapon orb.

/ February 24, 2018

Secret of Mana Best in Slot Armor for the Best Possible Defense

By the time you reach end game, there will be a few options for best armor. In this guide, we'll go over the top level armor, as well as quickly touching on the best you can buy.

/ February 22, 2018

Secret of Mana Pure Land & Ending

These article contains videos of the end of Secret of Mana for PlayStation 4. However, if you've played the original game and just want to see the ending in the new graphics engine, this post is for you. Otherwise, maybe...

/ February 20, 2018

Secret of Mana Flying on Flammie & the Mysterious Faces on the World Map

Here's what the world map flying looks like on the remake of Secret of Mana. I also take a look at the mysterious faces on the world map, both in the ocean near Ice Country and on the mountains near...

/ February 18, 2018

Secret of Mana Magic Leveling Guide – Best Practices for Gaining Stronger Spells

Magic is one of the best strategies for blasting through bosses. With this guide, you'll have the highest level magic available to you in no time and a complete understanding of how it levels up.

/ February 18, 2018